The Northwest Special Education Region services three towns in the Northwest part of the State of Rhode Island: Foster, Glocester, and Scituate.

The Director and the Assistant Director of Special Education are responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating special education programs, services, curriculum, and trans-portation for the students.

There are ten (10) schools in the region with shared responsibility by the Director and Assistant Director

Child Outreach

Child Outreach is a free service sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Education and offered through your local school system. The program provides families with information about their child’s development and offers information about other resources that are available in the community.

Transition Services

The Transition Facilitator works with groups of selected students in the Foster/Glocester and Scituate districts. The goal of the program is to expand services and provide a more comprehensive approach to vocational evaluations and the variety of follow-up transition services that are offered after the evaluation has been completed. 

With the help of the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) a wide variety of supports are available to students as they develop their post-secondary education and training, employment and specific needs for individual living.